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A Background to The Airia Heart Rate Test

The Airia shoes are about increased running speed. But from our years of R&D and field testing we’ve also gradually directed more interest to the running economy aspect of our shoes and running shoes in general. Quite logical of course. A faster shoe would most certainly also make you consume less energy when running a given speed, compared to a slower shoe.
We received feedback from our test runners that they had the feeling of easier runs with less fatigue with the Airia shoes compared to running with their regular trainers.  At first we set out to examine this aspect in a more traditional oxygen consumption test in cooperation with GIH, the Swedish School of Sports and Health Sciences. But the results were inconclusive, mainly because the number of test subjects turned out to be too few. From that point we started creating a simpler test for investigating the same running economy aspects as the oxygen consumption test, but one involving more runners with more ease. At some point the idea underlying “The Airia Heart Rate Test” peaked our interest. Repeated treadmill runs with same workload for different shoes. We started to scrutinize the idea. Both by our own running, and later by a squad of test runners. The results turned out consistent and solid and we have observed interesting differences between different popular trainers. We also set up a pilot study where we compared the Airia 1.5 to the test subjects regular trainers, indicating a lower HR response for running in Airias.

All in all, the test protocol has turned out manageable for us and hopefully for a lot of runners around the world. The Airia shoes have performed as well as had been expected and we have observed interesting differences between different popular trainers. Now we are very curious to get started to see some interesting results unveil. And get started with involving runners to increase the knowledge of the big performance differences between running shoes. Two targets hit with one stone!

About Airia

We at Airia are sportswear hackers who are dedicated to testing, comparing, tinkering and making of new amazing products based on measurable differences.

We do this transparently, showing the audience our failures as well as our successes. Our long term goal is to bring really cool, innovative new products to you to enhance your performance in sports. Currently we are into running shoes but we are planning to use our philosophy on other products that “hack sports”.

Test Protocol

The test protocol for the Airia Heart Rate Test is simple but demanding. The test consists of measuring the Heart Rate in at least four runs each for 30 minutes on a treadmill at constant speed. The speed should be set to so that at the end of the run the heart rate is about 70-80 % of the maximum heart rate for the participant. The runner changes shoes between runs, two runs should be made in Airia 1.5 and two runs in a running shoe of the participant’s own choice, but of comparable weight to the Airia 1.5 Running shoe. Between each run there must be at least one day rest but no more than five days rest.

The more runs you do in each pair of shoes the more accurate you can predict which of the two pairs are best for you performance-wise. There is also the bigger picture, the more runners who do the test the better we can tell if there is a benefit from using a certain shoe.

Media enquiries

Mattias Brandt, mattias.brandt@airiarunning.com, +46 733 33 66 65

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